The Polyproxin™ platform

Protein homeostasis or ‘proteostasis’- the maintenance of protein levels and thereby functions - requires a highly complex and dynamic network of interconnected processes tightly regulated by a series of quality control mechanisms and machinery that influence the fate of a protein from synthesis to degradation. 

The common underpinning basis of this network is molecular recognition involving the specific interactions of proteins with each other. The Polyproxin™ platform exploits our deep understanding of these protein-protein interactions to harness proteostasis networks and thereby manipulate protein stability and disease outcome.

The Polyproxin™ platform comprises:

  • Libraries of target-engagement modules, degradation-inducing modules, and connecting modules

  • A mix-and-match format to identify the combination of modules that elicits the most effective knockdown of target protein.

The platform can be directed to diverse targets and disease states using the following approach:

  • Combining principles of protein engineering with a deep understanding of proteostasis networks and machineries
  • Mining of protein-structure and protein-interaction databases
  • Informatics-driven selection of disease targets and pathways
  • A holistic strategy to enable access to the broadest range of degradation pathways including, but not limited to, the ubiquitin-proteasome system.